Enhance real estate assets

The main objective of Asset Management is the enhancement of the real estate assets. A correct methodology is essential in order to obtain the expected results

During the first phase, it is important to collect the data and information necessary to take a "picture" of the current situation of the property. Only a correct SWOT Analysis of our Real Estate can lead to outline a enhancement strategy : defining the level of interventions on the intended uses, on layout, systems and technologies, design, ergonomics and aesthetics. The valorisation strategy is aimed at obtaining the highest possible cost / benefit ratio; it is necessary to verify the sustainability of the hypothesized optimization actions and a strategic plan is proposed that allows to measure the generated value, referring to the fiscal and financial aspects of the project.

In particular, the sustainability of the interventions is evaluated in function of the intended use and earning of the properties through a portfolio logic , i.e. the generation of the necessary value for the economic-financial equilibrium of the initiative also through earning and alienation of unused or little used assets for non-instrumental activities.

Some points on which to base the evaluation of the property:

Analysis of the marketability and determination of the most probable selling price of the property in the current state (MVEU) . Our evaluation methodologies are in line with national and international standards and the "best practices" of the sector.

Highest and best use analysis : Search for the most profitable intended use in new construction operations and real estate transformations.

Marketing Plan: Choice of strategy and definition of operational actions: context analysis, definition of objectives, strategic planning, implementation of strategies, control of results.


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