Foreign Investors in Italy

Foreign investors represent a large part of the luxury real estate market in Italy

When we make the decision to invest in real estate beyond the borders of our place of origin, we need to consider where to do it. Based on what we have in mind, we can determine the best countries to invest in real estate.

Placing part of our heritage outside of its geographical context will always pose major challenges. From knowing the climatic characteristics to knowing the political situation of the country of destination of our funds, it can be challenging.

Why is it important to invest in real estate?

After that the unexpected coronavirus pandemic has shattered all forecasts, knowing which countries are best to invest in real estate is a guarantee of success for investors now that the pandemic is just a bad memory.

Over time, real estate has proven to always increase in value over time and to generate large returns thanks to the fact that it is a market with little volatility. If we have the necessary financial capacity, investing in real estate guarantees our future in a certain way.

In an economy that has shown us to live with instability in recent years, the real estate market has become a strong, safe and stable space. Of course, as with any investment, we need to study the variables thoroughly. And one of the most important is to be aware of which profitable countries to invest in.

Foreign investors represent a large chunk of the luxury property market in Italy . The reasons are different: trend, a very strong attraction linked to the beauty and climate of Italy, but also the fact that in Italy the price of luxury properties allows foreign tycoons to conclude advantageous deals.

In other words, for foreigners to buy a luxurious property in a context that is still highly appreciated, that of Italian cities, historic places, countryside, cities and coasts, is a real bargain.
Not only for the favorable monetary exchange but also for the real possibility of exploiting the potential of houses, estates, apartments through the start-up of hospitality businesses, production of wine, oil and more.

United States, Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavian countries, but also China and Russia : this is where the buyers who most appreciate luxury homes in Italy come from.

Economic potential of a luxury property

Promoting a luxury property requires a precise expertise. The emotional component in the purchasing process is often decisive. You not only buy a necessary good, but also a dream cultivated over time and a lifestyle.

Our mission is to best respond to the needs of a segment characterized by a demanding clientele looking for a purchase not just a material asset but exclusivity, excellence and personal recognition Every luxury property guarantees the possibility of making a profit in economic terms in the short and long term.

Genius Real Estate Advisory is in contact with selected customers interested in investing in Italy, looking for exclusive properties.


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