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Thanks to our deep knowledge in the Real Estate Market, GENIUS is your trusted partner for the evaluation and management for all transactions with residential use.


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The Residential Team of GENIUS deals with analyzing the context of the real estate product; define the guidelines for the sale project; develop the sales, positioning and promotion strategy on the market; and implement marketing activities.

Those wishing to buy a property will be assisted by our professionals in every phase of the project, from the search for the best financial instrument to the move. All the properties that will be selected and proposed will be complete with all useful information to make a conscious and safe purchase without unnecessary waste of time.

Our important and widespread territorial network and the collaboration policy with all the Agencies allow us to manage assignments throughout the national and international territory.

"Many make the mistake of not understanding where marketing begins and ends, confusing it with advertising alone. Steve Jobs knew this very well. Being in control of the entire customer experience, from both product usage and presentation, and sales means marketing"

Communication is the Key

Marketing Process


Collection and verification of all the documentation necessary for the sale. Resolution in advance of any problem with the support of our technicians, notaries, lawyers, accountants, so that the notarial deed becomes a pleasant formality.


Prospective buyers are carefully pre-qualified before accompanying them on a visit to your property.


Complete, periodic and timely on all the activities carried out during the sale of your property.


Our professionals are experts in negotiation dynamics. Thanks to their preparation and impartiality they will be able to lead every negotiation to success, to the full satisfaction of the parties.


We help sellers and buyers to carry out all the tasks of a move without stress and in the most convenient way.


We analyze your needs, desires, motivations and timing, thus determining your expectations in every detail.


From the direct detection of the consistency and characteristics of the property to the in-depth documentary verification up to the regularization of non-conformities; nothing is left to chance for the preparation of a certified base to support any investment and divestment choice.


Analysis of the marketability and determination of the most probable sale price of the property in the current state. Precisely establishing the right price of a property to be put up for sale is a complex operation that takes into account the position, market trends, demand, conditions and type of the property, as well as countless other parameters that only an expert real estate agent is able to properly evaluate. Our valuation methodologies are in line with national and international standards and industry “best practices” (RICS - IVSC - IAS / IFRS - IVASS - ABI - TEGOVA).


We identify the characteristics of the property to be emphasized during the promotion phase, based on current market trends. In addition, we analyze every possible modification and improvement to the property that can increase its marketability and market value: from simple Home Staging interventions to splitting up, changes to the interior spaces and the intended use. We provide our customers with a feasibility analysis, SWOT analysis and the cost / benefit ratio of the interventions in order to evaluate their effectiveness.


Based on the analysis carried out on the property, on the location and the lifestyle offered, we identify the profile of the ideal customer buyer in order to maximize the effectiveness of marketing actions.


The advertising campaign is designed based on the profile of the property and its potential buyer, using the available online and offline tools in a targeted and effective way:
  • Professional photo and video service
  • Drafting of announcements by our Marketing and Communication experts
  • Render and 2D / 3D floor plans
  • Virtual tour
  • Publication on major national and international real estate portals.
  • Brochure cartacea dell’immobile
  • Sito web dedicato della proprietà
  • Virtual and on-site Open House
  • Direct marketing to profiled customers
  • Social campaigns
  • Sponsorizzazioni Adwords.

We will help you every step of the way