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La società Genius fa parte della più prestigiosa rete di agenzie immobiliari del mondo ed è leader nelle attività di advisory immobiliare a Torino e in Piemonte.

The agency is responsible for carrying out complete property valuations and finding solutions for luxury, corporate and residential properties.

We specialize in consultancy and real estate brokerage, offering a full range of services with dedicated work teams for each market segment and type of customer. Thanks to our specific marketing plans we add value to your properties.

La nostra sede è a Torino, ma assistiamo sia investitori privati che istituzionali in Italia e all’estero.

Alcuni dicono: date al cliente quello che vuole. Non è la mia impostazione. Il nostro lavoro consiste nell' immaginare ciò che il cliente vorrà, prima ancora che lo faccia lui stesso. Se non sbaglio, una volta Henry Ford ha detto: "Se avessi chiesto ai clienti che cosa volevano, mi avrebbero risposto: un cavallo più veloce!" La gente non sa ciò che vuole, finché non glielo fai capire tu. Ecco perché non mi sono mai affidato alle ricerche di mercato. ​

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our MISSION is to think “OUT OF THE BOX” and find the right way to reach your goal



In Genius there are no problems, but consolidated solutions and procedures to obtain them. We manage each assignment with the logic of Project Management: a single contact person who coordinates all the skills present within the team.




We know how to measure, increase and communicate the value of your real state assets.




Before accepting an assignment, we evaluate every detail of the project and carefully listen to the present and future needs of our customers, in order to guarantee reliable and timely results even beyond their own expectations.


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Reviews from our clients

Erica Errichiello
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I can only express a positive opinion, a really efficient, helpful, collaborative agency with great precision and shrewdness. Attention and sensitivity to the customer are to be rewarded.
Andrea Brunettini
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Excellent staff and impeccable service, I will trust them again when I need it!
Vincenzo Clemente
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Professional and knowledgeable team of real estate consultants.
Olivia Dogliani
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Very serious agency that stands out from the others for its innovative and personalized services

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With 15 years of experience in the real estate sector

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