Bordighera - Hotel business investment

A perfect location for hotel activities in Bordighera

The building, entirely rebuilt in the 70s with a reinforced concrete structure, is located in the heart of Bordighera, and overlooks the railway station from which it is only 50 meters away. The construction is already built according to anti-seismic technical standards with insulated masonry that offers good energy and acoustic performance (Lecabloc). It is equipped with aluminum windows with double glazing and electric shutters; the gas boiler and burner have recently been replaced, the system is recirculating and is integrated with thermal solar panels. Equipped with a lift on all floors. The facades, balconies, railings and roofs were redone in 2017. From the lowest floor (second level) you can enjoy a partial east-west sea view. From all the other floors the sea view is full.

- 1506 covered square meters - up to 36 rooms

- 43 sq m of balconies and terraces

- "Caffè Monet" restaurant of 98 square meters on the ground floor

The current layout includes 35 rooms, a manager's apartment, a small SPA, an internal restaurant and kitchen on the second floor, a separate restaurant on the ground floor (“Caffè Monet”).

Architectural project

By eliminating one room per floor, all the others can be transformed into suites or mini suites. If you choose to keep the restaurant and kitchen on the second floor and the manager's apartment on the top floor, the number of rooms would drop to 30 but their size would increase.

Furthermore, by eliminating the restaurant and kitchen on the second floor, providing an agreement with the adjacent restaurant on the ground floor, and moving the manager's apartment to the attic instead of the current laundry, the total number of rooms can increase up to 36. 

The other functions on the lower floors remain unchanged, more precisely in the basement there is a spa, on the ground floor the reception with a bar, office and breakfast room on the mezzanine floor.


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