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GENIUS participates with its own investments in the definition of winning commercial strategies, producing with its organizational structure all the tools necessary to support real estate development, with a return on investment based on the success of the operation.


GENIUS introduces an unprecedented Business Model in the world of real estate investments, proposing itself as a real partner for investors and developers. GENIUS, in fact, economically and financially co-invests in the construction of technology and strategic marketing for the Go To Market of each Project. The Revenue Model therefore provides for a return on investment for GENIUS directly connected to the success of the Real Estate Operation.


  • Verification of economic and urban feasibility of the initial project:
    • target customer profiling for the final product
    • market research
    • urban planning checks
    • business plan of the initial project
  • Search for "highest and best use".
    • identification of possible intended uses, feasibility analysis
    • business plan for the transformation of the various intended uses
    • comparison of profitability values and choice of the most profitable intended use
  • Supporting the design in the pre-project and product definition phase
  • Definition of the operative business plan
  • Preparation of marketing plan based on targeted customers
  • Choice of marketing channels and preparation of advertising material
  • Virtual Architecture: digital architecture and Interior Design for the creation of strong emotions, both for the Client and for Developers, Investors and Designers
  • Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour
  • Sales office design and set-up and demonstration units
  • Sales negotiations:
    • costumer's pre-qualification
    • negotiation
    • technical-legal assistance
    • logistical support to purchasing customers
    • financing and mortgage assistance.


  • Single point of contact for all phases = dedicated project manager
  • Support of market experts in the project development phase with business plan definition and identification of correct sales prices already in the preliminary phases
  • Development of virtual promotional material to facilitate marketing from the initial stages of the project, with a reduction in time to market and therefore in financial exposure
  • Dedicated multidisciplinary work team consisting of:
    • Architects and engineers
    • Home staging
    • Law firm
    • Accounting firm
    • Real estate market experts
    • Sellers
    • Digital Marketing Expert
  • No initial investment by the customer. We only require an exclusive sale contract of the final product with agreed percentage commissions.

Every day we ask ourselves - How can we make this customer happy? How can we do this by continuing along the path of innovation? - We wonder why, otherwise, someone else will."
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Innovation never stops at Genius!
We are pleased to present a new strategic partnership in the field of New Construction.
Digital Solution is an innovative company from Turin, specialized in strategic marketing for the promotion of New Constructions formed by a Team of Real-Estate Marketing Specialists.
Genius, thanks to this important collaboration, is able to present, promote and sell properties on paper, without having been completed or put in place.
How? Exploiting what innovative technology offers.
Configuratore 3D capitolato

VR 360 Panoramic Configurator and VR 360 Panoramic Configurator and Virtual Render

With the help of a virtual reality headset, VR 360 panoramic renderings allow potential customers to preview the real estate environments as if they were inside them. The VR configurator also offers the incredible functionality of being able to choose the materials available in the specification and see a virtual preview in real time.
Immagine7_DS_cartello cantiere interattivo_piccolo


Augmented Reality allows you to change reality in real time, instantly superimposing interactive video content on the printed image. An innovative digital tool to live a memorable shopping experience never seen before in the real estate business. Interactive construction site signs with the possibility to instantly view images and promotional videos of the project, Digital Home Card and many other innovative solutions with WOW effect: all this is Genius!

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