Life Planning

What do you need?

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GENIUS assists its senior clients to obtain sums of money to live a peaceful life and continue to enjoy the use of their property in complete tranquility, whether it is their main or secondary residence.

Right of residence for life and usufruct

It is possible to transfer the bare ownership of one's property to domestic and foreign investors, obtaining payment of a sum upon signing the deeds and maintaining the usufruct or the right of residence for life.

Sale with deferred delivery

It is possible to sell your property by agreeing on a deferred delivery date, until which the seller will continue to live in the property.

Safe transaction

The acquisition is made through private and institutional investors and is guaranteed by a notarial deed, since it is a transfer of real rights.

Personalized evaluation

Since each situation is unique, each evaluation will be individual and carried out by a GENIUS consultant who will manage the entire project.


Each practice is evaluated and managed through a completely confidential process, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

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