What determines the price of my home?

If after reading all this you believe that your property does not have favorable characteristics for the current market, adding value is always possible thanks to some expedient

What determines the price of a property is the location, the size, the economic development of the area, the age, the state of the market (real estate supply and demand) and the added values such as recreational areas and services.

1. Location of the property
It does not refer only to the place or neighborhood in which it is located, but it is necessary to take into account its position in the block, the exposure, the floor on which it is located in the building. 
The main districts of Torino are:

★ Il centro storico

★ Cit Turin

★ La zona di Crocetta

★ San Salvario e Valentino

★ Santa Rita

★ Vanchiglia

★ Borgo San Paolo e Cenisia

★ Mirafiori

★ Nizza e Lingotto

★ San Donato

★ Borgo Po e Madonna del Pilone

As for the location in the block, you should know that lots that are on the corners are generally more popular than those that are not, not only because they can have more access, but also because they have two sides, making it easier to enter the light and air.
If your property is an apartment in a building with a lift, another factor to consider is the floor on which it is located, the higher ones have a higher selling price than the higher ones. low, as the lighting and the view are better, they are also further away from street noise.

2. Property size
The size is an important parameter to determine the value, but they are not the only one!

3. Economic development of the area
Imagine everything you could find around the building where that penthouse is located, surely there are many access roads, shopping malls, fashion stores, banks, public transport and also cultural places such as museums; all that urbanization around your property also affects the price, having everything close and living in a point of reference is an added value that is worth much more than you imagine.

4. Age of the property
It is important to know how long ago the house was built, so you can get an idea of the materials it was built with and how long it will last, if it is a very old house it could be in poor condition and you should consider possible renovations.

5. State of the market: supply and demand of properties
The price is mainly affected by the supply and demand at a given moment, if there is a large supply of properties similar to yours, prices tend to fall and if on the contrary, there are many buyers and few houses, the prices will rise.

6. Added values and equipment
And last but not least, all the finishes and equipment of your home also affect the price, for example expensive materials, number of rooms and bathrooms, garage, garden, swimming pool, etc. The more you have, the higher the price of your house, apartment, room or farm will be.

Now, in addition to what has already been mentioned above, there are other factors that can be taken into consideration when considering the increase in the value of a property.

Green technologies in building materials
Something that worries a large part of the construction sector is finding alternative materials that are more respectful with the environment. This is also a concern of a large part of the current population, and for this reason modern constructions are increasingly trying to include this type of materials in their buildings. These types of properties are a better investment, their demand increases and can make a difference when setting the price to sell a property.

The future development of the location

If the area where your property is located has a promising future, it is very likely that its value will increase. The changes that could occur in the future near the location of the property also enhance it.

If after reading all this you believe that your property does not have favorable characteristics to the current market, adding value is always possible thanks to some expedient.




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