Langhe and Monferrato: a real estate market coveted by Italians and foreigners

Change life? Italians and foreigners in love with the Italian countryside: a journey to discover the Langhe and Monferrato

Last week we talked about how the pandemic has given rise to a new need in people, that of having an outdoor space available in one's home that can be exploited in everyday life. This has generated a surge in the value of those properties that respond to these needs. 

The effects generated by the pandemic and the lockdown in people have led to the birth of new desires, in part different and if possible more intense, producing a massive increase in demand for homes located in areas surrounded by greenery. 

One of the main reasons that lead to the emergence of these new needs is the fact that the pandemic has led to a revolution not only in our private habits, but also in our working habits. Many companies, to avoid bankruptcy and to ensure the social distancing envisaged by the Dpcm, have experimented with smart working. Given the positive results seen from the trial period during the lockdown, many companies have decided to maintain this way of working and to allow employees to continue their work totally or partially from home. 

This possibility has opened up a different market scenario in the world of real estate and renovations: an increase in requests for outdoor spaces, such as courtyards or terraces and renovation works, to make one's home and outdoor spaces more functional to this new lifestyle. 

With the possibility of working from home, many people have then opted to move from the city, precisely to go and settle in the middle of the greenery, so as to be able to enjoy a garden in which to spend time outdoors without pollution and traffic noise citizen.

According to the Patrimoniefinanza website, the offer of real estate solutions of this kind is now a rarity after the boom of the immediate post-pandemic period. This kind of housing solution is certainly much appreciated by Italians, but it is equally attractive and in vogue among foreigners who often transform the investment into a profitable activity by making the house into an accommodation facility. The growth in demand for properties of this type - with the indispensable presence of an outdoor space, even better if with a swimming pool or with the possibility of building one - saw a 22% growth in 2021 compared to 2019. Among the most sought after by Italian buyers, excluding the aesthetic characteristics of the property itself, the presence of services and the convenience of reaching nearby towns or cities stand out. For foreigners, however, the focal point of attention is concentrated more on the panoramic view of the area in which the property is located.

Piedmont, thanks to its two large cradles dedicated to the production of wines, surrounded by nature, tranquility and vines, is one of the most coveted and appreciated areas by buyers from all over the world. In the Asti area, for example, the demand for homes to be used as a first or second home for the holidays also in this case sees both Italians and foreigners as the target audience, mainly from Northern Europe. The American target, on the other hand, tends to opt for the creation of accommodation facilities in this splendid area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Moving to the Langhe area, on the other hand, we have an unmissable real estate opportunity for those who are passionate about excellent wines and independent houses surrounded by vineyards and greenery.

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The purchase price range also fluctuates strongly depending on the conditions in which the property is sold. For example, for a property to renovate (let's say a farmhouse with a courtyard) the price can range between 80 and 120 thousand euros; on the contrary, a completely renovated property with a panoramic view can even exceed the price of 450 thousand euros.

The Barolo area, as mentioned, remains at the top of the rankings for wine and open space enthusiasts; the only drawback is dictated by the almost total absence of offers for the area. Anyone wishing to buy a holiday home in the area must budget an average cost of 450,000 euros for a solution of approximately 400 m2 and with a 150 m2 garden.

Prices drop in the area around Alba, where renovated properties of about 150 square meters with 1,000 square meters of garden and swimming pool can be purchased for smaller amounts that are around 350,000 euros. 

The solutions, depending on the intended use of the property, are not lacking. Whether you want to change your life by moving to live in the greenery or you want to invest in a solution destined to become an accommodation facility with a breathtaking view of the Piedmont hills, Langhe and Monferrato certainly represent enchanting and unique places.

If the desire to find out more about the real estate offer of the Langhe and Monferrato has grown within you too, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the solution that best suits your needs. 


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